The Apple


So yeah…another edition of the Lazy Blogger….so what I have decided is, the only way I will probably ever semi blog again is here through Flickr. I will post pics when I want of my style and tell you where and what I am wearing….here is the lazy part.

YOU will have to go find the store slurl….I am to damn lazy to do all that for you and to damn lazy to actually post this on my blog. So yeah, I know I am a asshole but you love me anyway…lol Enjoy!

Hat – Beanie (Eaters Coma)
Shirt – Caridigan (DuckNipple)
Pants – Joris Jeans (NotSoBad)
Suspenders – Curtis Sweatpants suspenders (NotSoBad)
Shoes – Jump Up Sneakers (Energie)
Ears – Strechted Ears (MANDALA)
Tattoos – True Love (Vestigium)
Facial Hair – Full Beard (Unorthodox)
Glasses – Augie Glasses (Reek)
Necklace – Chapelet Necklace (Entente)
Pose and Skateboard – HISkate (HISpose)


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